October 4, 2022

How Speaking On Stages Opened Doors They Never Thought Possible 

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How Speaking On Stages Opened Doors They Never Thought Possible 

Create a Signature Talk so you can fully leverage speaking as a marketing strategy in your business.


Ep 170 The Heather Sager Show How Speaking On Stages Opened Doors They Never Thought Possible 


As business owners, we are the best advocates and ambassadors for our brands and the more that we can get ourselves out there with the right message in the right places, this is where that ripple effect of opportunity starts happening. Not only do we attract our ideal clients, but we create really quality relationships. 

Today’s episode is a BONUS episode replay from an Instagram Live I did, bringing a couple of our clients from The Speaker Co to share their journeys of how leveraging their message and their voices in the last year has made a bigger impact with their business.

Remember, there are people who are waiting that you know you can help but until you take the bold move, you pick up the microphone, you turn on the camera or you pitch that opportunity–how are they ever going to hear your message?  So this is your reminder to be a little more brave, be a little bit more bold and start making progress. Sure, you might be a little crappy to start but you can’t get better until you get started. 

I hope that these stories fire you up and give you some ideas around what’s possible when it comes to leveraging your voice and your message as a marketing tool in your business.

In this episode, you’ll meet:

  • Lindsay Yaw Rogers – a storyteller who helps entrepreneurs, small businesses and brands build powerful stories to fuel growth, connection, and impact.
  • Krystalore Crews – Lifestyle Coach and Consultant with a mission to have everyone in the world show up and share their gifts with the world.

Episode Highlights:

  • How as an expert we struggle to own our expert status
  • What does speaking looks like in their business and how  it evolve
  • What they have gone through in the process of crafting their talk
  • Navigating imposter syndrome and the feeling of overwhelm in stage (and life in general)
  • The importance of having a community that will support you on your speaking journey
  • Plus some tips to know when’s the right time to get serious about speaking so you can make a confident decision in investing for yourself

Connect with:

➡️Lindsay Yaw Rogers on Instagram | Linkedin | Medium

➡️Krystalore Crews on Instagram | Facebook

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