October 11, 2021

Your New Mantra: For Now, Not Forever

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Your New Mantra: For Now, Not Forever

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How do I niche down and figure out my area of expertise, make it specific and still resonate but not abandon the wealth of knowledge and experience I can bring to the table? How do I make hard decisions in my business?

These are some of the questions I hear most often. It’s a constant battle most budding entrepreneurs are grappling with often early on in their business and even my students inside my program, Speak Up to Level Up, struggle with this too.

Today’s theme that will become our mantra is this phrase: 

It’s for now, not forever. 

We have this deep feeling that we’re meant to do something bigger — a realization of how gifted and incredibly skilled we are and that we could help other people. 

But there comes a point where we doubt ourselves, get a little dramatic at times and think everything is important and feel permanent leaving us second guessing all our decisions. 

Chances are it’s likely you’ve felt this before. 

But what if we take the pressure off of ourselves and stop obsessing with wanting to get everything perfect? 

Know that our goal is not to get everything right. The goal is to get it out. 

We dive into this today in a real, unscripted conversation that I hope will help you get better at asking yourself, what if it’s for now and not forever? This I think can have an incredible ripple effect that can do  wonders for our lives and build resilience to continue to go even on days when you wouldn’t want to. 

Episode Highlights & Key Takeaways

  • The early story of my business that lead me to my passion
  • How can you apply the mantra: “It’s for now, not forever” to help you in your business 
  • Taking the pressure off of needing to be so permanent and perfect
  • Activity you can try to help you be kinder to yourself

Books mentioned:

The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit, Mel Robbins

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