February 2, 2023

Courage & Confidence: How Kristine Richer Built Her Business Under the Stars

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Courage & Confidence: How Kristine Richer Built Her Business Under the Stars

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Putting the work upfront allowed this guest to create a business that fueled her passion.

Meet my friend, mastermind buddy and award-winning photographer, Kristine Richer. 

She made the leap to full time online teaching in 2020 and has now taught thousands of students how to create stunning images of the Milky Way. The one in the sky, not the candy bar 😉

In this episode, Kristine shares how she hustled through her twenties to establish her career to now running a business that literally fuels her creative gifts.

I think you’ll find this to be a truly inspiring episode, so let’s jump in!

In this episode, Kristine shares:

  • How she develop her expertise and why did she  pivot into online business
  • Doing launches in her business and innovating this (if you hate live launching—you gotta listen to what she said!)
  • Putting in the hard work to create the life and the business that she wanted—discover Kristine’s secret recipe for what she embraces both from an attitude and skill perspective 
  • Her relationship with the word hustle, how it evolved—learn her advice for other business owners who are trying to navigate a season of hustle
  • How to get more confident and comfortable in putting yourself out there and finally take that courageous leap

About Our Guest:

Kristine Richer is a classically trained photographer working in Nova Scotia, Canada. She completed two undergraduate degrees at NSCAD University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Photography and Bachelor of Design with a Major in Interdisciplinary Design. 

Upon graduation in 2009 she worked as a commercial product photographer and product designer for 11 years while creating work for her own practice on the side. 

Her images have been published thousands of times and shown all over the world. Notably she has had billboard size images hung at the Javits Centre during New York Toy Fair and in Nuremberg, Germany for Spielwarenmesse.

Kristine made the leap in 2020 to become a full time artist and educator. She taught photography at NSCAD university from 2008-2016, and now under Kristine Rose Photography has taught tens of thousands of students how to create stunning images of the Milky Way.

Her nightscape images have been exhibited locally and worldwide, are in private collections and have been awarded the coveted NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day (APOD) twice.

Connect with Kristine:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Check out Kristine’s Podcast show–After Dark Photography Podcast


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