July 20, 2022

[Conference Debrief] Craft + Commerce Takeaways & What to Know About Live Events Post Pandemic

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[Conference Debrief] Craft + Commerce Takeaways & What to Know About Live Events Post Pandemic

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The Heather Sager Show Episode 158


Episode Show Notes:

Live events are slowly making their return and business owners are also slowly integrating back in— but if you’re like me, you’re craving to be back in person to feel the electrifying energy and connection of a conference.

So the question is— are they still that? What’s changed with live events since the pandemic, what should you keep in mind when choosing events moving forward?

This week, I’m joined by my friend Emily Hall of E+M Creative (who attended the event with me) to answer these questions and share our biggest takeaways and insights from our first in person conference in TWO years– ConvertKit’s Craft+Commerce.

If you want to attend live events in the next year (or host your own!) this episode is for you 🙂

Episode Highlights:

  • A full debrief on Craft + Commerce Conference speakers, workshops and experience  
  • Smaller, curated events versus the giant conference— which is better for your biz?
  • How to choose and prepare for which events to attend and the one thing you should take to ALL of them 
  • Tips on navigating best at networking events – embracing the awkwardness and making it more fun
  • Will virtual events continue to be the norm? And how will they integrate with live events?

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Connect with Emily:

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