Ep 178 Here's How to Nail Your Messaging in 2023 Blog Featured Post

Here’s How to Nail Your Messaging in 2023

In today’s episode, I’ll share the 7 essential ingredients that will allow you to create messaging that resonates. So grab a notebook, a cup of something warm and start planning that effective messaging. You’ve got this!

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Ep 177 The Heather Sager Show Steal 4 Pro Secrets from My Conversion Copywriter Sara Vartanian Blog Featured Post

Steal 4 Pro Secrets from My Conversion Copywriter, Sara Vartanian

What if you don’t consider yourself a great writer? And even if you can write great content, what if persuasive selling in copy seems like an unsolvable rubik’s cube? Today’s episode will help you step into the role of writer and become persuasive and compelling in your copy, through the help of my dear friend (and our copywriter here at The Speaker Co), Sara Vartanian.

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Episode 176 The Heather Sager Show Planning Guest Speaking & Visibility for 2023 Blog Featured Post

Planning Guest Speaking & Visibility for 2023

In this week’s episode, we’re looking in the rearview mirror to help you reflect on your visibility efforts and determine a strategy you can implement next year—one that is aligned, more intentional and will create a bigger impact in your business.

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