Speaker Spotlight: How Penny Took Action on Her Goal of Speaking on Stages (and then won Speaker Slam!)

If you were handed a mic and 5 minutes to share your message, could you do it? Would you be able to distill your story– the things that have made you, YOU, into those few precious moments? That was the exact situation today’s guest was in when…

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Episode 167 The Heather Sager Show 10 Stages You Could Be Speaking On Now to Attract Clients  Blog Featured Post

10 Stages You Could Be Speaking On Now to Attract Clients 

Do you have a dream of speaking one day and making a bigger impact? I’ll break down the 10 stages to speak on that are available to you RIGHT NOW– all of which puts YOU and YOUR MESSAGE in front of MORE PEOPLE.

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Episode 166 The Heather Sager Show Emily & Heather - The Making of Our Partnership Blog Featured Post

Emily & Heather – The Making of Our Partnership

Our first official appearance as business partners! Join us as we share our experiences on what it’s like merging our own thriving businesses, why we decided to jump into bed together serving our audiences and most importantly what you can expect with our new business baby, The Speaker Co.

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