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CEO & Head Coach at The Speaker Co

I’ve been speaking on stages since before Grey’s Anatomy first premiered on cable. (A long time.).  With over 1000 presentations on stages around the world...

Analogy queen
tough-love mentor
Hearing aid rely-er-on-er
keeper of embarrassing stories

Hey, I'm Heather

I've learned that speaking on stage is the most time-efficient way to expand your reach, so you can experience more of the stuff that makes this biz life worth living.

Since 2018, I’ve been teaching rising business owners how to make the most of their on stage moments through my podcast, courses and coaching programs.


who book at higher rates without long sales calls or pressure from slimy selling. 

The time you spend on stage should give you more off stage.

And the quickest way to get MORE is creating a signature talk that connects to your growth goals. 

to spend offline with your family, brunching with your gal pals or giving your dog the oodles of pets they deserve.

that don’t yet exist on your vision board but will land in your lap when you least expect it. 

Be the first in line for the next round of The Signature Talk Accelerator. You'll knock out a rockin' talk in just 3 days. 

Prefer private feedback on your talk, speaker coaching or deep dive business coaching? Let's see if we're a good match.

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Walk off any stage, virtual or in-person, to a lineup of people waiting to speak to you, a flood of qualified leads in your inbox, and more invitations to speak.


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I never understood the impact of a well-crafted, powerful signature talk that meets your audience where they’re at until I worked with Heather. 


From the second I wrapped my talk up, my inbox has been flooded with *more* speaking opportunities, sales, a full pipeline of clients and thousands of new subscribers for months on end — it makes me want to do it again and again. 

Grab this quick, actionable checklist to Nail Your First (or Next) Podcast Interview (so you can focus less on getting it right, and more on sharing your brilliance)

Swipe my best performing phrases on exactly what to say on stages, podcasts or live video that will make you sound like a pro and  send people running to your list.




The real-talk, ditch-the-sugar podcast for the entrepreneur who gets that building a business is a marathon, but sometimes you've gotta sprint.  

Each week we'll cover tangible strategies on speaking, growing your business along with candid conversations with founders to help you hustle when necessary, say NO to the tactics not serving you and chill... without the guilt.
[formerly The Heather Sager Show} 

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